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  We repair all models and brands of ovens. When your oven experiences problems such as inaccurate temperature, smell of gas on your gas oven or oven does not maintain set temperature, broiler does not work on your electric oven or any other issues, let us take care of it. Our highly professional technicians are ready to and waiting for you to

Call us now at 303-923-5851 or 720-881-1544 or send us Request for Service.

We repair all oven brands such as:

Magic Chef
Jenn Air
Kitchen Aid
and more...

Oven Repair Tips

    Electric - If your oven is not heating...
  • Make sure the clock is set on manual cycle and not the automatic time bake cycle.
    Gas - If your oven is not heating...
  • Make sure the clock is set on the manual and not the automatic cycle.

Oven User Tips

  • Ovens heat up your house. To save money on your cooling bills, don't use the oven when it's hot outside.
  • Conversely, when it's cold outside use your oven. Winter is the perfect time for cakes and pies. nterfere with proper cooking times. Clean your oven regularly.
  • Try not to open your oven while it's in use. Opening the oven door won't make your cake rise any faster, it only releases valuable heat.
  • If you're looking to reduce energy costs, thaw your food before cooking. It takes your oven longer to cook frozen foods.
  • Check your oven door seal. A broken seal on your oven door allows heat to escape, wasting considerable energy.
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