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  We repair all models and brands of dryers. When your dryer experiences problems such as not drying efficiently, dryer runs but no hot air comes out or any other issues, let us take care of it. We are ready to receive your call for dryer repair.

Call us now at 303-923-5851 or 720-881-1544 or send us Request for Service.

We repair and service all dryer brands such as:

Jenn Air
Modern Maid
Montgomery Wards
Magic Chef
Kitchen Aid
Speed Queen
and moreā€¦

Dryer Repair Tips

If the clothes are not getting dry...

  • Make sure the dryer is not pushed back against the rear exhaust duct causing an air flow restriction.
  • Make sure the clothes are coming out of the washer spun damp dry. If the washer is not spinning the clothes damp dry, the dryer will not dry the clothes in a normal amount of time.
  • Turning your clothes inside out and using the delicate cycle can reduce the pilling effect on certain fabrics.
  • Cleaning the dryer filter before each load increases the efficiency of the machine and decreases the chance of fire.
  • Tech Tip - Follow the proper loading procedure and machine operation.
  • Tech Tip - Never overload the dryer.

Dryer User Tips

  • Keep an eye on your dryer and perform routine maintenance regularly. Dryers expose flammable materials to heat.
  • Clean the lint from your dryer after every cycle for safety and energy efficiency.
  • Provide adequate ventilation around your dryer.
  • Keep glass, foam and plastic items out of the dryer.
  • Do not put items which have had flammable substances spilled on them in your dryer.
  • Some newer dryers come with a detection system and are able to sense when clothes are dry, so overdrying happens less frequently.
  • When drying clothes, factor in the cool-down cycle to allow clothes to finish drying with the residual heat of the dryer.
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